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Security and Detective Services

The company was founded in 1994 and its main activity has been the enforcement of claims and securing of leased property for companies, personal protection of individuals and transport of money and other valuables.


Since the founding of the company, there has been cooperation with the parliamentary clubs of the Czech Parliament, particularly in the area of securing political meetings, gatherings and other events including the protection and escort of members of the Czech Parliament. In view of our long-time activity on the claim, collection and claim management market, our company provides for, in addition to the enforcement of claims as mentioned, the buy out of claims and credits, and securing of leased property. 


Further, we also provide for leasing, including the leasing of real estate, credit and loans (only with collateral). Our company also engages in the settlement of crisis situations in companies and businesses. We work with court executors and notarial offices, and we of course also provide for full legal services.